skye-net: From top to bottom, 3 of Prissilla Khan, 3 of Amelia…


From top to bottom, 3 of Prissilla Khan, 3 of Amelia Luv, 4 of Daniella Lei.

Ok all, I’ll answer your questions! I have about 20 questions asking me about several of the models, do I know them (some, yes), and can I set you up with them (NO), and where did you get these pictures?

Primarily the questions are about* Prissila Khan*, *Amelia Luv*, *Daniella Lei*, *Jade Hsu*, *Kina Kai*, *Davon Kim* and several others whose names you would probably not remember, but whose bodies I’m sure you enjoyed (Such as *Jang E. Ping* or *Jang Jie Ling*). 

I am a photographer, and yes, I am a *dude* so please stop asking to fuck me. I am purely heterosexual.

I started working with a very famous photog in the USA who owns (or did own) Digial Desire. I am not allowed to mention his name, but you can certainly google it. Anyway, I shot several girls whose names I don’t even remember. Somehow, because I am fascinated by the Asian look, I got the job of photographing some famous porn stars, like *Jade Hsu*, and *Lily Thai* and a few others. Never got to Photo Charmane Star though, too bad. She’s amazing. 

Anyway, a new company then opened in Thailand and they sent me there to photograph some of the girls they found. To be honest, in the beginning, they were not too good looking. Fuckable, but not “model” quality. Eventuallyy, we found *Prissilla Khan* and then *Amelia Luv* (see sample pics above). I worked for what was called “The Black Alley” for 2 years. There, I met a very young woman working as a bar girl – if you’ve never been to Thailand, a bar girl is a girl who hustles out of a club. She’ll come and sleep with you for the cash. Some are worth it, some not so much. But that’s how I found 16 year-old *Daniella Lei!* 

Remember those pics I posted of her when she still had braces on? We eventually paid to get her teeth straightened using new technology and your could not see them. We changed her hair from two toned to black, had it filled out (It’s all her hair though!) and changed her make up. Suddenly she was ravishing (see pic above, bottom 4) and looking very mature. It is legal for a 16 year-old to model in Thailand. Hell, you can get juvenile ass easily there but be careful. They have “gangs” that pimp the girls and on occasion they will rob and beat you and steal your money if you are alone. 

Anyway, I must have photographed 25-30 girls at Black Alley before they went sadly bankrupt, due to mismanagement, which was a real shame because we found the best looking girls in Thailand, I believe. Some were mixed race, but who cares?

So now the Black Alley and Asians4you (another site I worked for) are back in business under new ownership, but they don’t have the legal rights to all of my photos, some of mine were never published and I kept them! SO, I’m going to post some of the every week. It features Prissila Khan (best body ever), Amelia Luv, (adorable petite thing), Daniella Lei, now a HOT young lady and others from Thailand. I’ve also got some unpublished pics of Jade Hsu (I’m getting her OK to post them), and Davon Kim of the Philippines, and Kina Kai. I also photographed one Japanese girl who happened to be in Thailand – *Ms. Sato*. I’m sure you remember that face! 

I wish I had been able to photograph more Japanese and Korean models but both countries keep a pretty tight lid on only Asian photogs for their women, which I feel is wrong, but what can you do? 

And the best way to meet Chinese girls is via Hong Kong (a lot of girls are professional prostitutes there but it is not considered shameful as it is the West). In Asia, sometimes the girls have very limited opportunities compared to the men (think how things were in the West 150 years ago) and so if they were blessed with good looks, they often turn tricks to make a good living. The better looking, the more she can charge. That’s Hong Kong though. It’s completely different in mainland China were some girls are privileged and others, poor usually, are forced into prostitution to make any sort of living. There IS a Chinese Mafia! You don’t want to get involved in that so if you go to China, be careful, and best bet is Hong Kong, they have a lot of girls from Mainland China that have escaped into the somewhat free-er Hong Kong. I hope to go their eventually. So in summary, you’ll be seeing some familiar faces (and other luscious parts) of the girls I photographed but never published. Mostly the names I mentioned but there are others too. 

I hope this answers ALL the questions. No, I’m not a woman, so please don’t bother writing how much you want to f**k me! You are not talking to the models! And no, I cannot introduce you to them or give you their phone numbers. Best bet, save up, take a friend and go to Thailand and find a nice looking bar girl to sow your seeds with. They do it pretty good for hookers! 🙂