I’ve changed the name from Skye-net images to a more appropriate name that tells what I do here. I hope all of you approve of the name switch!

Oh, and I am now taking submissions form women (sorry, no men) that want their pictures displayed. They have to be fairly large (if they are too large I can resize them) and high quality, both the photo and the model. They have to be Asian or part Asian only. Sorry, there a ton of other women’s sites that are not Asian – this one is! Showing erotic bits of your body is highly encouraged, but not necessary. If you have great legs, for example. Send me a pic of you in a short dress or shorts and I’ll likely post it. I’m picky though, so they have to be good images. If you turn out to be really good, I’ll offer to photograph you (see bio for history of work), and maybe discover the next Liz Tran or Ashley Vee. Or even Prissila Khan! Anyway, send to me and I’ll contact you one way or the other. You must follow this blog if you want to get posted. 

So, with over 20,000 followers, welcome to the newly named,